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In 2021, metaverse became the most ground-breaking topic of the year as the realization of web3.0 is coming closer to real life. With COVID-19 restricting traditional in person contact, this accelerated shift of people from the physical world to spending more time in various new metaverse platforms to communicate, share and express themselves.

HKS Meta Fashion and Lifestyle Agency was created in response to this growing trend. We are of the view that “fashion and lifestyle” is one of the common threads that facilitates this trend and links both our physical and meta universes and we have created products and services to connect the cultures of these platforms via expression through fashion and other related lifestyle items.

We believe as the metaverse continue to rise, we will trend towards a scenario where meta and physical universes blur. In upcoming years, people will spend more time expressing their unique identity through fashion and lifestyle products that allow for consistency of transition across multiple platforms and universes. Our DNA of simplicity and effectiveness in brand creation, marketing and design develop- ment is perfect for the metaverse will allow our partners to swiftly develop and craft everything imaginable.




HKS aims facilitate the development of the metaverse culture by working with partners to develop blockchain based fashion and lifestyle products that straddles both the physical and meta universes. Creating products that allow for a seemless transition across all platforms for individual expressionism, promote diversified cultures and stimulate conversation and understanding.

HKS will create a platform where you will get development, access, display and share various fashion apparels and other lifestyle NFT and physical based products through our future projects and collaboration. The emergence of digital fashion will also help us to save more than 97% CO2 emissions. We also provide trading services for our partners’ NFT listings to leverage our resource expertise in this area.



  • Artwork

  • Sketch

  • 3D-Rendering

  • 2D Artwork

  • Augmented Reality

  • Collaboration through various artist

Image by julien Tromeur


  • Hype Building

  • Social Media Branding

  • Marketplace Analysis


  • Minting & Listing NFT

  • NFT Physical Item Creation

  • Digital Marketing

  • NFT Trading Market

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